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Why choose to purchase our number focussed playdough mats for your Busy Bee? 


Playing with and manipulating play dough is a wonderful experience for our Busy Bees to become involved in. Using their fine motor skills to work with the playdough provides them with the early opportunity to develop the muscles, strength and ability to hold and move a pencil fluently, leading to future legible letter formations and writing. 


Recommended for all playdough loving ages. Using our playdough mats, is a fun way to introduce or consolidate learning; in this instance numbers. 


Our playdough numbers pack encourages knowledge of what the number looks like, how it is written, how is is displayed in quanity and how we write it in word form. 


Playdough Mat Number Set includes 10 individual playdough mats each focussed around a number between 1 and 10. 


*Please note our intention is to get the Play dough Numbers Set to you as soon as possible, however they can take up to 14 working days.



  • A4  folder
  • A4 100gsm paper
  • Strong lamination 

Playdough Mat Set Numbers 1-10

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